Big Shot Mix Wet Dry Effects Loop


Lets you mix any effect into your signal path
Class-A circuit retains natural tone of instrument
Buffered loop to reduce noise from pedals
Standard 9V operation for power bricks

The BigShot MIX is an innovative pedal that lets you blend the original sound of your instrument with your effects pedals just like a studio mixer. For example on bass, this lets you add distortion while retaining the natural bottom end that is usually compromised when sending powerful bass frequencies through a pedal.

The MIX begins with 100% discreet, pure class-A circuitry to ensure the natural tone of the instrument is maintained. On the connector panel, a simple effects loop with send and return jacks make connecting easy. A `set & forget` recessed MIX control lets you adjust the exact balance between your `dry` sound and the `wet` effect so that you can add just a hair of distortion or a full-on grunge attack depending on your mood! This is augmented with a 180 degree polarity reverse switch that ensures the wet and dry signals are in phase with each other.

Like all Radial pedals the MIX is made road ready with 14 gauge steel construction, dual wafer potentiometers, double sided PC board and a heavy duty footswitch. Simply add a standard Boss-style` 9V supply and you are set to go!

The Radial BigShot MIX... an effects loop that lets you control effects just like a recording console.