1SKB-RCB Shallow Rack Caster Platform


*open box - regular $165

Roto molded caster board with 4" locking wheels for stacking and moving SKB`s Roto Molded, Shallow Roto Racks and Standard Racks for convenient transportation.

The Roto Caster Board includes durable cinch straps that secure to the side handles for stability.

Exterior Length
22.40 in
56.90 cm
Exterior Width
20.00 in
50.80 cm
Exterior Depth
6.40 in
16.26 cm
Carton Length
23.00 in
58.42 cm
Carton Width
21.00 in
53.34 cm
Carton Depth
7.00 in
17.78 cm
Shipping Weight
17.00 lb
7.71 kg
Product Weight
15.40 lb
6.99 kg