PowerBrite PB15 Pro- Rackmount Lighting and Power Distributor


The Samson PowerBrite PB15 Pro Rackmount 8-Outlet Power Conditioner is a complete AC power solution for rackmount systems. It provides AC line noise reduction, surge suppression, digital volt- and ammeters, 2 front panel LED lamps, and a rear panel USB-plug gooseneck LED lamp.
The PowerBrite PB15 Pro can be installed into the top slot of a rack. Its eight switched AC outlets in the rear panel will power up and protect all your equipment, up to a 15A load. The two LED meters display incoming voltage and current metering, and the two long-life LED slide-out, swiveling light cylinders provide illumination for all your gear. They are adjustable via the front-panel dimmer control. In addition, the rear panel features a USB type socket, for connecting the included USB gooseneck LED lamp.
The PowerBrite PB15 Pro conditions your delicate electronic equipment with a high-voltage surge and transient suppressor and an RFI/EMI interference filter.
Front panel voltmeter and ammeter allow you to monitor changes in the current drawn from both switched and unswitched outlets.
A front-mounted circuit breaker reset switch is provided on the front panel. If the total load on the unit (combining all outlets) exceeds the 15A (or 1800W) limit the circuit breaker will trip.
An independent dedicated switch with status light for powering the rear panel switched outlets.
Rear panel switched outlets are mounted both vertically and horizontally to accommodate standard 3-pin plugs as well as external transformer AC power adapters.
3-point surge protection, spike clamping protection and RF filtering enables all connected equipment to operate with maximum efficiency and minimal noise.
Dual slide out cylinders containing LED light clusters that illuminate all gear underneath with cool, clear light. In addition, there is automatic switching for turning on the lamps.
The rear panel USB socket is used with the included LED gooseneck lamp, to provide rear rack lighting.